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Modernisation of car washes
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Modernisation of car washes

In addition to the complete construction of new car washes, we also offer, through our specialists, the modernization of previously implemented car washes.

  1. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO REPAIR DAMAGED FLOORS. We lay self-supporting steel grates on the existing floor of the car wash to create a new washing area.
  2. There is NO NEED TO REBUILD THE WASTEWATER TREATMENT SYSTEM because we do not discharge any wastewater.
  3. The existing container with the technology, or the technology itself, is replaced with a new innovative washing solution.
  4. Coarse dirt is deposited in the catch basin, which needs to be emptied similarly to all conventional car washes.
  5. Upgrading an existing car wash is very quick – it take only 5 – 7 days.
  6. We will design the overall optimal solution for the modernization of your existing car wash.

We provide the entire modernization on a turnkey basis.




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