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The world's 1st mobile car wash

It doesn't need connection to water main, to sewer or a building permit.

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Mobile car washes

Don't let your money for water go down the drain!

Smart solutions for the future

A car wash in the form of a mobile device with no impact on the environment.

Delivery and installation of the car wash takes only one day

Completely implemented by our company. Innovative use of all aggregates, components, rainwater harvesting, water recovery and photovoltaic panels guarantee the lowest cost of running the car wash.

  • We protect natural resources
  • We recycle wastewater
  • We use solar energy

No connection no water main necessary

The entire car wash facility is equipped with 100% recovery of used water. Only the initial filling is required approx. 14 m3 of water.


No connection no sewer necessary

With 100% recovery of used water, nothing is discharged to the sewer.


No building permit required

Because our car washes are technological equipment, not buildings.


Electricity is only used as a backup source

70-80% of the total electricity is used from a renewable source - photovoltaics.


Payment module

The car wash can be equipped with an integrated payment module for cash, phone or card payments.



Head start for equity appreciation. Don't lose money, make money.


Of course, we offer complete turnkey installation of the entire car wash through our installation specialists.

Mobile car washes can be built anywhere, only a paved surface is required. For example: car parks, car dealerships, car rental companies with a larger number of their own vehicles, service garages, smaller car repair shops, MOT stations, as an addition to an existing petrol station, indoor areas of companies and more, both for their own use and for the public.

In addition to the construction of new car washes, we also offer upgrades to existing car washes.


The first mobile car wash that uses its own closed water circuit.

Save 80% of water

We get energy from all possible natural sources

Advantages of mobile car wash:


The entire facility is mobile at any time, the entire car wash can be disassembled and built on another site.


Speed of construction - it takes only one day to build a complete car wash


It does not pollute the environment. 100% of waste water is recycled. No connection to sewage system.


Maintenance of the water purification is carried out once every three months = replacement of the filter system, which costs only thousands CZK


Coarse dirt is disposed similarly to standard car washes

Are you thinking about a mobile car wash or are you interested in upgrading your existing car wash?

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Types of car washes

We only offer a container car wash with a single or double wash box, suitable for smaller towns and also for expanding the service offering of your existing business. In terms of waste water recovery from the car wash, it is also currently possible to offer a three or maximum four box car wash.

The entire technology is situated in a technical container. This solution will provide the operator with a high level of serviceability. The internal container is large enough to store the necessary tools for the operation of the car wash and the maintenance of the surrounding areas.

All types of car washes are equipped with rainwater collection.

The compact design of the entire car wash is ideal for easy transport, assembly and eventual disassembly. The installation is carried out on a paved surface. The car washes are made of 80% composite materials, which guarantees high durability and low maintenance.




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Mobile car wash as such as well as its parts are protected by worldwide patents