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All modules are unified and have uniform joints, making it easy to repair, expand and design wash boxes to specific customer requirements. The customer decides which elements of the system will be installed.

The control system of the car wash is based on Siemens technology. It recognises how many stations have been connected and controls the operation of the car wash accordingly. The interconnection is based on RS4PS serial transmission connecting the washing stations to the individual modules.

The CM1 (Condition Monitoring 1) data control, stored in the main computer of the carwash, provides access to a range of data including financial turnover analysis for the last day, week, month, year and data summaries.

All data is displayed on an LCD touch screen.

  • SIEMENS - electric motors + electronics, LCD display, including control unit
  • SEKO Tekna - dosing pumps 10 l/hr
  • FILTER UNIT - newly developed own water recycling system - PATENTED

The secret of our washing boxes lies in minimization losses due to waste water and in obtaining water from all possible natural sources. The energy is obtained from photovoltaic panels. All this is part of a perfectly sealed and insulated technological container.




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Mobile car wash as such as well as its parts are protected by worldwide patents